A Home Away from Home

An ideal Day Care is a place where your child is given care, personal attention and where the child finds stimulation. Parents send their children to day- care facilities under various circumstances. Pursuing a career and giving time to older children and their studies are the most common reasons. In most cases grandparents and their availability to look after the kids is unavailable. Having a maid at home to look after your child comes with its own risks and inconveniences.  

Today, parents seek the help of Day- care facilities for other reasons too. Some of them are-

  • Letting the child get an early start at schooling or a school- like a scenario for a few hours.
  • Seeing their child as developmentally ahead and want to sharpen the child’s intellect.
  • Parents pursuing hobbies or business opportunities.
  • Weaning off breast –feeding.

In such situations finding a reliable and a good Day Care facility is a boon and a necessity.

What should a parent look for in a Day Care? 

  1. Cleanliness, Cleanliness, Cleanliness! – If your child is going to stay at a facility for around 8 hours or more, it is imperative that the place should be clean. Check the toilets and the dining space for hygiene and sanitation. You may also get an idea about how stringent they are about cleanliness by looking at their toys and other equipment. 
  2. Travel time- The Day Care should be relatively close to either your home or your office. This saves time and makes it convenient to pick -up and drop.
  3. Activities- Enquire about the daily, weekly and monthly schedule. Check that they are providing age- appropriate activities for your child so that your child learns something new and interesting every day.
  4. Teacher’s Qualifications- Ask for the qualifications of the staff. There must be at least one trained staff such as a teacher trained in ECCE (Early Childhood Care).
  5. Other- The school’s emergency services such as First Aid and Medical facilities, the appearance and aura of their Maushis and support staff, number of children accepted. 

An ideal Day Care near you-  

Little Aryans Daycare facility is the ideal Day Care in Kalyan, Dombivali and Ambernath regions. Below are the reasons why you should choose Little Aryans as your choice of Day Care-

  • Developmentally appropriate and stimulating activities for cognitive, emotional, social and motor development. Reggio inspired activities. 
  • Participation in events and festivals. 
  • Playgroup and Day care in the same premises. 
  • Toilet training and regular health check -ups. 
  • Ample space ensures that no child feels restricted in any way. 
  • Emergency Services such as Doctor on Call and knowledge of First Aid. 
  • We are a part of Arya Global Group of schools which is a one stop destination from Play group to 12th std. Little Aryans has been caring for over 1000 students from its 6 centres. 
  • Recognized certifications of CD, CP, ECCED and Healthcare for all teachers. 
  • Regular trainings and appraisals for Maushis relating to nuances of handling an infant such as feeding, sleeping and carrying the child down to even the tone of voice.  
  • Safe, child – friendly ISO- certified premises and equipment.  
  • Adequate balance of rest and stimulation. 

Little Aryans’ Day Care facility is the perfect Home Away from Home allowing you peace of mind and scope to pursue your career interests without worrying about your child’s care and development. This makes it your first choice as the best Day Care for you!