Building a sense of Responsibility from an early Age

Do you notice how some children put their shoes back on the shoe rack after coming back from school, throw their dirty clothes into the laundry bag and put the plate on the kitchen sink after they finish eating? These behaviors have become habits and are not seen as ‘tasks’ by the children.  

So how do you inculcate these habits in young children? Here are a few basic tips and tricks-   

  1. Start Young– Children, when in their toddlerhood, as young as one year old have an inherent need for independence. That’s why you will see them grabbing a broom and sweeping the floor or trying to bring the vegetable tray down pretending to cook food. These actions make them feel in control over their surroundings. Stopping them from performing these actions will hamper their self -confidence as well as confuse them when you later want them to take responsibility at home.   
  2. Be Responsible role models– Let the child see you taking responsibility at home. This goes for parents as well as siblings. Kids always mimic elders. Being responsible also means keeping promises. So if you’ve promised your child to go take him/her to the garden in the evening make sure you keep the promise.  
  3. Do not expect your child to perform duties for everyone else at home– Start by making children accountable only for their own belongings and tasks. If you make the child do tasks for others too often it may burden the child and he/ she may lose interest soon.  
  4. Shower praise – Kids love praises and appreciation. A genuine smile, a hug or a few words of appreciation will ensure that your child will perform the task again. Similarly, do not criticize if the child tries to do a chore but doesn’t do it perfectly. Even if the bed is not made properly or the shoes is kept one of the tops of the other appreciate the effort and initiative taken by the child.  

Children learn these actions even at school. Our Day Care Center Facilities in Kalyan ensure that our children are given practice in a few basic chores. A few steps taken in the right direction will go a long way to build a responsible and dependable person who keeps promises, is neat and enjoys sharing belongings with others.