How to identify your Child’s Primary Learning Style

Identifying your child’s learning style will help parents discover the child’s skills, his/her interest, improve their overall skills as well as help in other extracurricular activities. Knowing the child’s learning style will also enable parents in making choices while considering school activities, extracurricular events or sports. Your child is likely to do well if the subjects choose are based on his/her interest.

We are one of the best kids play schools in Ambernath and we encourage parents to pay attention to the needs of their early learners and lead them in the right educational path.

There are ways where you can identify your child’s learning styles, and they are as follows:

  • The Kinesthetic Learners- This type of learners are excellent at sports and is mostly physically enthusiastic. They have the right balance and can learn from doing things all by themselves, they also uses movements and gestures like clap while counting. You can identify your child learning styles as kinesthetic learners if they are active during sports, if they use gesture while speaking, if they love to draw, write and have a fine hand coordination.
  • The Auditory Learners- Children who are often drawn to sounds, like musical instruments or songs are identified as an Auditory Learners. He/she is likely to understand by reading aloud to them. Some of the indication which shows that your child is an auditory learner are as follows, He/she has an interest and ability towards instrument, music, and vocal, he/she tends to sing or create songs, they have a strong verbal knowledge and loves to talk and express.  Such learners can benefit if they are allowed to listen to songs and given audio lessons to understand.
  • Visual Learner– Another type of learner is the visual learners, they are often very observant and loves to notice things which catch their attention. Showing them pictures book, painting to describe things and photograph can pique their interest.   An indication of a child with the visual ability often have a clear imagination and shows interest in painting drawing and anything to do with art and craft. They also have a strong memory power and are visually observant. They have a keen interest in observing the things around them.

We are one of the best Playgroups in Ambernath, and we see that your child’s learning skills are identified in class, and we will encourage parents to do the same so that it can benefit their child’s learning habit right from their early years.