Help your child get back to School!

Childhood memories for most people, mostly comprises of memories of school. School is a place where a child forms lifelong friendships, learns life lessons, discovers his / her true self, creates an identity and forms memories that will last a lifetime.  

The last 2 years have wreaked havoc in the daily routines, especially for children as they have been deprived of physical schools. They might have returned to meeting friends in their neighbourhoods, or their society, they might have joined online classes for pursuing hobbies, started visiting malls and restaurants, it is high time they get back to a place which is unbeatably the most important part of living a happy and wholesome life- Their School!! 

Schools are now Open!  

The AryaGlobal group of schools opened the gates of its campuses at Arya Gurukul, Ambernath, Arya Gurukul, Nandivali and St. Mary’s High School on 2nd October, following the Government mandate that schools are to be started for students of 8th ,9th and 10th grades.  

This momentous occasion was rightfully given an auspicious start with a Magical Musical morning- SwarUtsav, where students along with their parents were welcomed into their haven of happiness with beautiful music presentations and the sound of different ragas to calm the mind and mesmerize the soul.  

The event also marked the launch of the special “Back to School” song, written and composed by the AryaGlobal Music Department. This foot tapping number captured everyone’s heart and charged everyone with the right enthusiasm.  

Strict Covid- precautionary protocols have been followed in each campus to ensure the safety of the students, teachers and the staff. The school worked on creating an SOP along with the parents and this has been followed each day, depicting the school’s dedication to create a  safe space for children to learn.  

Watch this video to get a feel of how AryaGlobal schools have braced themselves to make physical schooling safe and secure.  

Unmatched Holistic learning opportunities for children- 

A school is a place for helping children grown holistically, where they can hone their mental, physical, emotional, physical as well as social selves. Physical school is the only way to achieve this in the best way possible.  

The Foster – Nurture Program is one such way in which Arya Gurukul has begun to dole out ample opportunities for children to try their hands at various life- skills that will equip them to be better leaders, competent individuals and happier people.

The future of learning – 

The pandemic taught us flexibility, it showed us that technology can indeed be a boon.  

AryaGlobal schools have been creating Hybrid learning spaces for students, which will ensure that maximum students can derive the benefits of both technology driven and physical schooling at the same time. This is the need of the hour as children will be asked to attend full time physical schools sooner or later and making sure that this is made as smooth and comfortable for the children is the responsibility of the schools.