Khel Mela

Khel Mela, the Annual Sports event of Little Aryans was conducted with great fervour and enthusiasm at Arya Gurukul school grounds at Nandivali, Kalyan on 22nd December 2018 and at Ambernath on 23rd December 2018. 

Reinforcing their belief in ‘Happy Child, Happy Nation’ which the Management of Arya Global Group of Schools hold true to their hearts, this year’s Khel Mela focussed on making every child happy in every way they can so that the whole nation can be happy.  

The Chief Guest for the event at Nandivali was Smt. Preeti Sundarajan, CEO Grooming Artistic Innovation and Talent and the Guest of Honour was Smt. Sapna Uppal, Business Development Manager. The Chief Guest at Ambernath was Dr. Kiran V Shinde, MD, DMRE Consultant Radiologist and Imaging Specialist.  

The event was spectacle with beautiful displays of various Indian and International Sports, reinforcing the need and benefits of indulging in sports. The speed and agility of the students was witnessed, and it was evident from their performances that the students had mastered the sport that they played.  

In an effort to revive an interest in native Indian sporting events, the children performed a unique display of various Indian sports such as Dangal, Indian Boat Race. Along with these, there was a wide display of other popular sports such as Boxing and Karate.  

Gymnastics play an important role in the growth and development of the mind and bodies of young children and Little Aryans, one of the best preschools in Kalyan and Ambernath, places big importance to Gymnastics. The young students performed various gymnastic poses and exercises such as cart wheels and long jumps which made of a unique spectacle.  

Colourful pompoms, synchronised march past, enthusiastic flag hoisting, thematic displays were all witnessed during this beautifully planned and diligently performed event. Parents were also made to participate, and it was heart-warming to see the parents enjoying and participating for their tiny tots. 

Little Aryans, the top playgroup chain in Mumbai, has been constantly striving to make the school experience unique and fulfilling for every child. Events such as Khel Mela contribute hugely towards this aim and makes it a memorable experience for everyone present.