LA’s Home Learning kit- bringing the joy in learning. 

Little Aryans Pre-K always strives to make learning engaging, fun and collaborative. During the times of Covid, when children are homebound, it becomes the responsibility of the school to ensure that children continue learning from home.  

A wonderful step that Little Aryans Pre-K took during the holiday season was to provide children with a “fun learning kit” consisting of many hands-on learning materials that will keep children engaged at home for hours.  

Unboxing of the Learning kit-  

As children opened their kits at home, they discovered several manipulatives that captured their attention. The kit consisted of several items such as-  

  • Pattern Foam Blocks 
  • Uppercase and Lower- case Alphabets 
  • Numbers 
  • Tweezers 
  • Button Shapes Lacing 
  • Dice 
  • Math Counter 
  • Droppers 
  • Currency notes and coins 
  • Clock 

As parents sent the unboxing videos and photos, we could clearly see the happiness and the curiosity of the children in wanting to know more.  

They were eager to learn to use the items in the kit as soon as possible. That was mission accomplished for us! 

Learning to use the materials- 

Little Aryans shared an explainer video through all social media so that parents can understand the different ways to use the items in the kit. The versatility of each item is evident from the video. 

What does the learning kit facilitate? 

Each item in the kit is carefully selected to contribute to multiple learning outcomes. One can use them in more than one way, creating various engaging activities for children. 

For example- We can use Number Blocks not only to recognise numbers but also to learn concepts of addition, subtraction, greater than, smaller than, ascending, descending order etc.  

Hands-on manipulatives such as Tweezers help in matching activity, sorting activity, colour discrimination activity and much more.  

Therefore, each item serves the purpose of reaching multiple learning outcomes such as as- 

Pattern Foam Blocks- 

  • Help in building creativity, problem-solving skills and decision-making. 
  • Early construction skills. 
  • Visual discrimination 
  • 2 D & 3 D space 
  • Spatial skills and symmetry 

Uppercase Alphabets –  

  • Recognition of Phonics sounds.  
  • Word building & sentence formation  


  • Fine Motor Skills, 
  • Eye-hand coordination 
  • Scientific enquiry 

Button Shapes Lacing- 

  • Fine Motor skills  
  • Eye-hand co-ordination 
  • Recognition of colours and shapes. 
  • Sorting and patterning 
  • Early arithmetic skills 


  • Early arithmetic skills 
  • Addition, subtraction and simple equations.  
  • Number value and number names 
  • Learn greater than/ less than 

Math Counter 

  • Early arithmetic skills 
  • Sorting, patterning, colour recognition 
  • Art & craft 
  • Application in language games 


  • Encourages scientific enquiry  
  • Fine Motor Skills 
  • Builds vocabulary 
  • Aesthetic development 
  • Encourages Creativity 

Currency notes and coins- 

  • Builds essential life skills  
  • Learn the value of money 
  • Arithmetic development 


  •  Builds essential life skills  
  • Time telling 
  • Arithmetic development 

The Home learning kit is a special gift to the Little Aryans to the children and their parents who have shown tremendous support and encouragement to us, making Little Aryans Pre-K one of the best pre-schools in KalyanDombivali and Ambernath