Lockdown babies back to school

Little Aryans orienting parents towards another new normal. 

With the schools reopening, many children, referred to as ‘lockdown babies’ will be going to school for the very first time. These children, born between 2018 and 19 have heard words like sanitization and social distancing from the time they started learning to speak.  

While separation anxiety is hard for children of this age, this time it has been found that the parents are anxious too as they’ve been working from home and spending a lot of time with their little ones.  

Hence, Little Aryans Pre-K, the best preschool in Ambernath and Kalyan, organized an elaborate ‘Orientation Program’ for its parents to answer their queries. The event held at Acharya Atre Rangmandir, Kalyan on the 11th of June, was attended by over 750 parents. It was the first physical interactive program with parents in the last 2 years.  

Little Aryans, welcomed its students back to school on the 8th of June and saw a great turnout of students with 87% attendance across all its centres at Nandivali, Chakkinaka and Ambernath. This shows the willingness in parents to help their child experience physical schools.  


The program enabled the teachers and school management to share and connect with the parents. Several concerns of parents were addressed leading to a healthy, transparent engagement. 

To help settle children in their new environment, the school also has an Integrated Settling Plan in place that helps kids explore and connect with their teachers. ‘Perfume garden’ is such an activity that integrates sense training and nature studies.  

“Although the Covid norms are now relaxed, we are happy to know that the school will be following an SOP for health and safety. This put my mind at ease. We are also eager to watch our child experience lots of activities under one roof in a safe and caring atmosphere to create good memories”, shared a Mrs. Aaditi Shirwadka, a parent.  

Utmost care has been taken to sanitize and maintain hygiene keeping in mind children’s health and safety.  


Sanitized transportation. 

Mrs. Sapna Uppal, CEO, LA commented, “During the last 2 years we have used technology to our benefit to make engaging and visually impactful lesson plans, investing in innovative apps such as Flipgrid and Swardhara – a classical music platform. Today we are equipped with the best of both online and offline modes and will continue delivering holistic education.” 

Home learning activities. 

Dr. Neelam Malik, Director, LA expressed, “When we talk about holistic education we must cater to physical, mental, social, emotional development, integrated with values. India has a very strong culture and we are proud to say that we are an Indian school. This culture is inculcated in children right from the beginning with the Chinmaya Vision Program. We believe that all this is possible only when the child is happy and we follow the principle of happy child, happy nation.” 


Mr. Bharat Malik and Dr. Neelam Malik, Chairman and Director of Little Aryans 

Mr. Bharat Malik, Chairman, AryaGlobal sums it up by saying, “Little Aryans has aligned its preschool pedagogy with the New Education Policy. We are also channelizing our resources towards making diversity and inclusion a priority. We are also happy to share that we are soon be affiliated to the International Baccalaureate board. 

An independent research conducted by Former Dean SNDT, Dr. Reeta Sonawat and parenting expert Aziel Marquez and team revealed minimum learning gaps during online teaching at Little Aryans. The credit for the same goes to the teachers, parents and the students, who faced all the challenges boldly. We also thank parents who are now placing their trust on us and sending their children back to school”  

Being a Pre-K to 12 entity, the orientation program was attended by the Principals of all the 3 schools- Arya Gurukul, Nandivali and Ambernath and St. Mary’s High school.   

Little Aryans Pre-K, the first Microsoft Showcase preschool in India, is ranked No.3 in India’s Most Respected Childhood Education Brand at the Education World Preschool Grand Jury Awards and is No.1 in India for ‘Future–Proof Learning Infrastructure’ by Education Today.