Masti Ki Pathshala

With Experiential learning being the guiding learning method, Little Aryans Pre- K is organising a fun- filled, hands-on learning experience for its children in an event called “Masti –Ki – Pathshala”. This event will be organised keeping in mind the idea that children learn more by doing. It gives them a chance to explore myriad skills that may lie latent in them and hone certain skills they have already acquired.  

Masti Ki Pathshala will be aenergetic, fun, creative and engaging event with activities galore from Kite Making to Fireless cooking, from Music, Dance and Outdoor play activities. The activities are thus created to ensure that all the 9 multiple intelligences of a child such as intrapersonal, musical, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, existential, linguistic, natural, interpersonal and spatial are activated. Children will get ample freedom and opportunities to explore their Senses too.  

Activities such as “Market-market will be an all-encompassing event where children get to experience the other side of the table by acting out as Shopkeepers, Vegetable Sellers and other Hawkers. Thus, they learn about our community helpers through Roleplay 

The theme for this year is Patriotism– I Love India so we will be adding an element of Patriotism in all our activities. Through this, we hope our children take back lots of memories and learning inputs about our rich and diverse country and a feeling of pride in our Nation. 

These Bagless days will be a memorable time for your child as they will go back with lots of stories about the time spent with their friends– playing, singing, dancing, creating, exploring, conversing, sharing, painting and much more. New experiences such as sleepovers, market days, playing chef will fill your child’s day with ample developmental experiences in a fun way. 

Parental involvement has been an important aspect of Little Aryans and we have planned some fun activities for the parents this time around as well.  

Our teachers are extremely excited and are leaving no stone unturned in making this event a holistic learning experience for your child with huge amounts of fun. We hope parents also share the same enthusiasm and come forward to register and enrol your child for “Masti– Ki –Pathshala