Summer Camp – Fun and Learning Opportunity.

As the summer vacations begin in most schools in India, parents begin to wonder how to engage their children meaningfully. Children need to be kept busy without tiring them out. They also need to have fun. The answer to this is summer camps. Summer camps provide opportunities to learn new skills, generate new ideas and hone a particular hobby. They also help to follow a routine and make new friends. 

A Unique Summer Camp 

Little Aryans, a playgroup in Kalyan, Dombivali and Ambernath, have put together a fun filled 8 weeks for children of varying age groups. The camp is a theme – based program. Each week has a different theme with activities revolving around that theme.  

A short description to the week’s activities makes you realise how inviting the theme is. For example, the description for the week on Super heroes and super girls says “Wouldn’t it be great to spend a week as your favourite superhero? Superman can fly, Flash can run fast and Wonder Woman is quick as lightning. Come and unleash your inner powers, know your strengths and make the best use of it right here!” 

The focus of Summer Camp is on what the children learn and not on the final outcome of the activities. Each week, the children engage in activities that build all the aspects of development- physical and motor, social, emotional and cognitive. Activities revolve around development of language as well as readiness for reading and arithmetic. All this is done keeping in mind that the children also have a good time. 

Summer Camp Themes 

The Themes for this year’s Summer Camp at Little Aryans were extremely innovative. They brought out the hidden talents of each child. The children loved every moment of the camp and were excited to go back every day. 

Some of the themes were-  

  • Hawaiian Hullabaloo 
  • Going Green 
  • Super Heroes and Super Girls 
  • Dinosaurs 
  • Around the World 
  • Construction 
  • Enjoy a Ball
  • Artists around the World
  • STEAM Challenges- (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)