A parent’s heartfelt testimonial for Little Aryan

Little Aryans Pre- K has a carefully planned curriculum that enhances multiple areas of development through activity-based programs. Therefore, as the child is learning constantly, he/ she is having fun while subconsciously grasping new concepts, developing new personality traits, becoming independent, and growing. During the past year, our parents have played a very active and hands-on role in their child’s learning. Our parents have had a first-hand experience of the various activities and witnessed the learning outcomes closely. Many of our parents have come forward to express their joy and wonder at how well their child is learning even during online classes. Here is Yutika’s mother, Mrs. Pallavi Nerurkar shares her appreciation for the Sr. KG lessons that she has witnessed through the year.

Below are the comments in her own words-



“Maths – Teaching Abacus in the online mode is challenging, however, I appreciate the efforts taken. Both Shehnaz’s teacher and Ashwathy’s teacher are excellent.   

Theme- Theme lectures are very interesting for kids and parents.  Yutika liked the Continent- related theme and song.   She takes a keen interest in other themes too, like sowing the seed, colouring the leaf, playing with shadows, reflecting of light, and talks about them even after the sessions. Shital and Dolly’s teacher are excellent at observing kids.  The understanding and coordination between them is excellent. 

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Alpha – Diksha teacher has imbibed the rules of how to write. Reading is also enhanced by the use of Phonetics and regular reading practice. I observed that now Yutika does not get bored of writing. In fact, she loves writing. The Blending words activity is particularly making children think.  Hats off to both Diksha and Sunita teachers! 

LDP (Language Development Program)–  As Yutika is a bit shy, I feel that she doesn’t express herself quickly in these sessions. However, by listening to the Pepper series with good morals, again and again, she is able to narrate them on her own.  

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The collection of these stories helps in language development, imbibing good manners, are entertaining, and improving vocabulary. I really appreciate both Sheetal and Payal teachers. 

Hindi– Firstly I would like to mention that Yutika interacts with us in the same style as her teachers do, by using words like “Bahut ache”. So she is very much influenced by the language of her teachers. Manju teacher is very motivating and helps kids in learning, writing or pronouncing. 

Shruti and Swarangi teachers have a very sweet and melodious voice.  Therefore, the impact of what they teach stays for a longer time. 

Classical singing – Finally I would like to mention that Yutika is enjoying her Classical singing classes by Swarangi teacher.  She listens to the songs on the Swardhara app and hums whatever is taught. I thank Swarangi teacher for her efforts.” 

More and more parents like Yutika’s mother are coming forward and sharing their experiences and observations of how their child is learning even as the classes are online. Activity-based, hands-on learning experiences ensure that boredom is kept at bay and learning becomes joyous at LittleAryans Pre-K.

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