Virtual Annual Theme Presentation- 2021

School Annual Functions are always memorable. They hold a special place in our hearts. They are an opportunity for children to break the monotony and to explore new facets of their personalities. They give an opportunity to display to their near and dear ones, their special and unique skills and talents.  

Little Aryans Pre- K has many such young gems who are extremely eager to show their newfound skills. They are unabashed and confident. Their ability to speak confidently in front of people and their approach to performances are evident each time they participate in various programs.  

This year Little Aryans Pre-K gave the opportunity to these confident young bloomers to showcase their talents and their learning through a Unique Theme Presentation on 2nd May, 9th May and 23rd May for their Nursery, Sr. KG, and Jr. KG students respectively. The Programs were named “Prakruti”, “Tatva” and “Paryavaran”. This was streamed live on YouTube and Facebook for their parents and relatives to virtually watch the apples of their eyes perform. 

Around 500 students participated in this virtual program, attracting a combined viewership of approximately 4500 people. 

The idea behind Virtual Annual Theme Presentation-  

‘Theme learning’ is a crucial part of the curriculum at Little Aryans. Themes allow students and teachers to learn concepts in creative and unique ways. They add depth to a concept and enable the teacher to create an enjoyable learning environment. Similarly, they inevitably lead to a holistic learning ambiance where all facets of development such as physical, social, emotional, cognitive, language, and spiritual are tapped and enhanced.  

Therefore, the idea of conducting a Theme Annual Presentation struck our curriculum planners as the perfect opportunity to integrate a show of talent and learning. These theme presentations brought to life all the ideas and unique concepts that the tiny tots have learnt and assimilated through the year.  

An enjoyable and memorable presentation- 

All the students from Nursery through Sr. KG participated in this brilliant annual function – “Prakruti”, “Tatva” and “Paryavaran”, displaying various aspects of our surroundings, nature, and the elements around us.  

Children themselves explained unique concepts such as shapes in nature, phases of the moon, and animal habitats to name a few.  

Costumes, dialogues, props, music- movement, storytelling, and art activities were combined brilliantly so that each child got an opportunity to play an important role.  

The mix of these activities kept the audience captivated and parents were thrilled to see their children integrating their learning so well. 

The overwhelmed parents- 

Parental involvement has been a crucial aspect at Little Aryans and this has now gone to a higher level, thanks to home learning. Little Aryans acknowledge and thank the parents for the wonderful role played by them in making the Annual Theme presentation a successful and memorable event.