Allowing Pre-K Kids to Learn through Play Method

Kids in preschool should be taught in the way where education doesn’t look like a regular classroom and textbook session. Young Pre-K children are at the age where they are beginning to get a sense of their identity, realizing the difference between his/her peer group, and a sense of knowing his/her ability is recognized during this stage. It is therefore important for parents as well as the teachers to be extra careful while bringing them up. We at Little Aryans, one of the best nursery schools for kids in Ambernath creates an environment of peace, safe and hygienic, and a healthy surroundings for your kids.

Pre- K students are often curious, ready to learn through experience, enjoys exploring, self-centered, and eager to play, so it is important for the guide to bring him/her up in the right way. Learning through play is one such example which can develop the social and cognitive skills as well as improve the emotional balance where they can gain self-confidence. We are one of the best nursery schools for kids in Ambernath and our goal lies in understanding the kid’s interest and offering him/her the platform to explore and discover new opportunities.

A Pre- k child should not be forced to learn, in fact the teacher and parents should make learning fun through various play method. This will allow the kids to be active participant where they will come up with their own thoughts and ideas, communicate, and show more interest in learning as they play along.

Learning material such as, building blocks, jigsaws, shape sorter, numerical puzzles can be used instead of paper and pencil. Such activities will allow them to have better understanding of the school work and increase his/her creative skills, sense of exploration, growth in confidence and overall learning skills.