Make Learning Fun at Home

Pre- K kids are often willing to play and learn with activities which are engaging, and this can be at home or in school. It is therefore important for parents to play their role and fulfill some fun learning activities at home where children will enjoy and learn along. At Little Aryans, one of the best kids play schools in Ambernath, we prepare children for life skills and school readiness. Our school activities include effective play-learn method which enables kids to enjoy and be active participants. To fulfill their curious mind, our art projects are filled with creativity and plenty of new ideas to improve their fine motor skills.

It is also necessary for parents to pay some attention and pick up some of the fun activities which they can encourage the child to follow at home. We are one of the best kids play schools in Ambernath, and it is our responsibility to make parents aware of their roles at home.

Below are few activities which parents can initiate to make learning fun at home:

  • Scribbling– Instead of forcing them to write, allow your child to scribble with colourful pencils and let him/her enjoy the fun, once he/she is willing to listen tell him/her to practice  letters or words.
  • Number Memory Game- Make number study a fun game. Your child will enjoy it even more only if it is practiced in a fun way. Don’t forget to give him/her a brownie points if he/she does it correctly.
  • Fun science experience- Experiment simple science fun at home and let your child know more about it. Answer his/her queries and clear his/her doubts.
  • Bring out their creative side– Let your child show his/her artistic side with paint and brush activities. This will not only be a fun activity, but also improve his/her creative ability too.