Events At Little Aryans – For The Tiny Tots, Their Parents, Grand Parents, And Teachers

Little Aryans, one of the best preschools in Kalyan believes that along with education, kids should be introduced to activities that develop them mentally, physically, as well as spiritually. Listed below are the events and activities that make Little Aryans a fun place to be:

Orientation- An orientation program is organized so that the school can share with parents the philosophy along with the mission and vision statement of the organization. The program also helps the school in sharing with the parents the cooperation that the school seeks in order to provide quality education to kids during the early childhood years. During the orientation, parents are given a brief overview of the school along with the rules and regulations. School diaries are distributed and the importance of communication between the teachers and the parents is discussed. Parents are also updated about the yearly planner, library rules, and transport details during the orientation.

Events at Little Aryans - Preschool in Kalyan

Grandparents Day- At Little Aryans, we celebrate the International Day of the Elderly as ‘Grandparents Back to School’ day on 1st October. On this day, grandparents are invited to the school where a medical camp, cultural programs, and games are organized. Refreshments are also arranged. In short, we try our best to make the day memorable for grandparents.

Teachers Edurichment Program – To keep the teachers abreast with latest methodologies and research, Teachers Edurichment Program is conducted at Little Aryans. Under the program, we conduct workshops and seminars on:

  1. Importance of Early Childhood Education,
  2. Music and Movement,
  3. Innovative and best practices in ECE,
  4. Language development programs,
  5. Unfolding the Potential of Early Childhood Education: Igniting Sparks of Change, Games for young children, Observation and Anecdotal records, etc.

If you think the Teachers Edurichment Program is attended only by teachers, then you are wrong. Parents are also invited to the event. We believe that only when parents and teachers come together, can we create a strong foundation for the kids.

Manthan – Manthan is a much-celebrated event at Little Aryans where curiosity is aroused among children for learning through Arts, Craft, and Science activities. Little Aryans, one of the best Pre-School Centers in Kalyan organizes the festival in order to inspire excellence in children of various schools.

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