Little Aryans Pre – K – Your Child’s All-over Development Center

With the growing need of having development centers for children that nourish your kid’s childhood during his pre-kindergarten days, parents are in need of Pre-K schools that do not just focus on the educational but overall development of a child. Little Aryans, a preschool in Kalyan offers what every mother wants for her child. No mother would want her child to study only the alphabets and numbers in the nursery and come back home without learning manners and etiquette. They want something extra, which only Little Aryans has to offer. Arya Global’s preschool in Dombivli, Little Aryans is turning the tables with the strategies it uses to uplift the behavior of every child. Their teaching style includes;

Nurturing Education – The preschool believes in nurturing little minds with the best methods to make each one of them more confident. It strives to inculcate the 3 R’s namely: reading, writing, and arithmetic alertness in every child.

Empowering Education – Little Aryans take care of the development of each child with its infrastructure and facilities. The classrooms are well ventilated and spacious with adequately stocked toys. It has ample indoor and outdoor playing area for children.

Digital Education – Taking care of the overall development of a child, Little Aryans features an audio-visual room equipped with the excellent sound system and LCD projectors. This aids to the multi-sensorial and rich development of children.

Spiritual Education – Following the teachings of Chinmaya Vision Programme, Little Aryans incorporates Indian culture and values in alignment through proper certification.

Healthy Education – Activities like brain gym and fun drills improve the physical activeness among children. Little Aryans help the physical development of children with by bringing all types of physical and mental activities together in a balance, which lifts the left and right hemispheres of the brain to function well!

Convenient Education – The school believes that when a pre-school or kindergarten is linked with high schools of different boards but follow the same philosophy, it creates a strong educational base for the child.

Little Aryans is not only a pre-school that helps your child learn alphabets and numbers before going to kindergarten, it is an overall development institute which offers your child an excellent learning experience.

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