Facilities and Activities at Little Aryans Pre-K Classroom

Little Aryans Pre-K classroom facilities and equipment are arranged to give students the right environmental space for learning as well as discover new opportunities. The classroom of Little Aryans Pre- K, one of the best daycare services in Kalyan, is different from the usual classroom and benches arrangement. The classroom has well-ventilated wooden flooring, nature learning lab, abundant learning material. The art room is well designed and filled with non-toxic, safe toys, pet theatre and creative teaching aids.

Our other facilities and activities includes music and dance room, air-conditioned audio-visual room. The classroom of Little Aryans Pre-K, which is among the best nursery schools in Kalyan have an interactive board, uninterrupted power supply and carefully designed child friendly environment to offer clear and creative concept of learning.

The library is stocked with all the latest books, including magazines, periodicals and educational DVD’s for children to widen their learning skills. The playground of Little Aryans have enough space for sports and other outdoor activities, such as sand pit and water play station. The flooring of recreational areas are shock absorbent for child’s safety, while proper supervision are provided by the teachers. The students are also equipped with facilities like first aid and other medical attention in case of emergency.

Little Aryans is one of the best nursery schools in Kalyan and we strive to give children all the basic requirements with decent learning facilities and activities, in order to make their learning journey a great experience.