First hand, practical learning through field trips!

As education evolves, so does the relevance of different techniques of education. In today’s times, the value of practical education cannot be underestimated. Such educational methods are gaining more and more popularity with top schools in Mumbai such as ours.  

Field Trips are one such educational technique which has been present in the schooling system since a long time but is stressed on more and more in today’s times. 

There are several reasons for the wide popularity of field trips- 

  1. They connect the student to the real world. Classroom teaching and reading in books limit the child’s exposure with regards to practical application of the concepts being learnt. 
  1. Field trips make the concepts in the curriculum clearer for the student. 
  1. Field trips facilitate better recall. Once a child has experienced something first hand there is very little chance of him/her forgetting it. 
  1. They remove boredom and monotony from the learning experience. 
  1. They strengthen the student- teacher bond. When a teacher conducts different learning experiences for the student, it ensures a stronger bond between them. They can engage in meaningful discussions and improve the learning experience. 
  1. It exposes the child to different cultures and values 
  1. Sometimes due to financial and time constraints, a child’s family is not able to provide varied exposure which is necessary for the overall development of the child. This is accomplished by the school during such field trips. 

We, at Arya Gurukul make an effort at providing such valuable experiences to our students. Such trips followed by one to one discussions between the student and teacher either at the field or after coming back to school enhance the learning experience. They also help the student to apply what has being taught and understand similarities between classroom teaching and the practical world. This is the main aim of a meaningful educational experience.