The Importance of Parents’ Meet

In order to discuss your child’s progress in school, Little Aryans, one of the best daycare services in Kalyan organizes Parents Meet in the school. The session brings parents closer to teachers, as they can discuss how or what can lead to the improvement in the child’s academic result.

The Parents Meet at Little Aryans, one of the best nursery schools in Mumbai benefits the students in many ways. Since parents and teachers are able to communicate and share their thoughts on the right upbringing of a child, the common values; the discussion can hence improve as well as guide the classroom activities.

According to the research, parents, and teachers meet can bring an improvement towards the child’s growth and development. Involvement of mothers in a child’s early age education can play a vital role. It is said, Mother is always the first teacher of the child, thus a Mother’s participation in a program like ‘Mothers Meet’ will help the child in grabbing whatever is taught in the school quickly. Little Aryans also believes that a mother will know the best for her child during his/her growing stage. Thus, an exchange of ideas and communication will assist the teacher better in treating the child the way they are meant to.

Mothers’ Meet in Little Aryans, one of the best nursery schools in Mumbai is conducted by the Head of the Department for Nursery, Jr. KG, and Sr. KG. The program involves participation in activities by Mothers which can improve the learning process. The program also invites experts like, Psychologists, Pediatricians, or Dentists to conduct the workshop. Once a year, a special Mothers’ Meet have a class on value based education by the Chinmaya Mission. The date for the Mothers Meet is published in the calendar of Little Aryans Pre-K Calendar, which is given to the children in the month of June.

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