4 Reasons Why Pre School Is Important

Pre School is an early childhood educational class for 3-4 years old, and it is the first stage of life where a child becomes a learner. It is a place for your child to discover and explore his/her first learning phase, where the child develops a sense of self, confidence, and learn to socialize with peer groups. So, it is important to pay extra attention to the pre-school you choose for your child.

Little Aryans nursery school for kids in Dombivli offers children a “Home Away From Home” environment where they are encouraged to relax, settle down, and learn as they play. Knowing the importance of early education in a child’s life, our school looks forward to offering an environment which is spacious, clean, and hygienic.

Here are some of the reasons why Pre School is important for kids:

  • Opportunity for Growth– Since this is the first learning stage, preschool will offer children an opportunity to grow by letting them socialize with peer groups and make learning fun through various classroom activities.
  • Social and emotional development– While parents fulfill all the necessary requirements, preschool is a place to develop a child socially and emotionally. A sense of care and security is assured by the teachers.
  • Independent- A child becomes more independent if left with the same peer groups, thus a preschool will enable a child to be independent and prepare him/her for the next stage.
  • Improve cognitive Skills- The vocabulary of a preschool child grows from 900- 2, 500 words, their sentences become complex, so this is the right age where preschool can improve the language skills through various activities, language learning, and thought provoking questions.

A child’s learning journey should be joyful and interesting, thus keeping that thought in mind Little Aryans, one of the best playgroup schools in Dombivli provides all the necessary facilities which will develop the child emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually as they prepare for the future.

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