Importance of Phonics Method

Phonics is a method of teaching Reading and writing. It is a method which helps to teach a child to learn the different sounds that are associated with the different alphabets, which in turn helps them master the art of reading much faster.  

This can be explained with the help of an example. The letter H corresponds to the sound ‘huh’, A corresponds to ‘ae’ and T corresponds to ‘t’. In this way, children learn to read and pronounce the written word HAT.  

The English language is a bit complex, wherein the pronunciation of the same letter differs in different words. For Eg- In the word Art, A is pronounced as ‘aa’, whereas in Act, it is pronounced as ‘Ae’. Therefore, it can get a bit difficult reading the language. As opposed to this, other languages have fixed pronunciations and very little variations to the spoken alphabets. These small differences can be taught to children through the phonics method. 

Some of the Best Nursery schools in Mumbai, use the Jolly phonics method of teaching alphabets. First of all, Jolly Phonics uses fun characters to make learning fun for children. It starts with 42 different sounds, taught in a specific order so they can start making words out of the sounds. Jolly phonics method also helps children to identify the spelling by listening to the word and also to blend the letters to form different words. It also makes spelling ‘tricky words’ easier. 

Jolly Phonics is a multi-sensory method, where each alphabet corresponds to the sound and an action. This helps children remember and retain the sound. Our teachers at Little Aryan’s are trained to teach and incorporate Jolly Phonics in their teaching, making the class interactive and fun-filled for the children, helping them learn faster.