Fun activities for parents and kids

The Early preschool years are a period of rapid development, coupled with increased exploration and curiosity. Children of this age group grasp things quickly and are eager to learn new concepts. Maximum stimulation during these years ensure that the child’s senses are sharpened, and they do not lag in any aspects of child development. Some of the best daycare services in Mumbai regions such as Kalyan, Dombivali and Ambernath ensure that such stimulation and balanced, age – appropriate activities are provided to their children to foster maximum development. 

While your child’s preschool centre in Kalyan, Little Aryans caters to these goals for a few hours every day, your child needs a stimulated environment even at home. Plus, in today’s times parents are posed with another challenge of keeping their children away from the menace of gadgets. Therefore, let’s think of some ways in which you can engage your child at home and have some fun time together. 

  1. Reading- Boring! you might think, but you will be surprised at how interested the child will be in the book after a bit of hesitation if he or she hasn’t been exposed to books yet. The secret is to grab an interesting children’s book with lots of pictures and preferably rhyming verses and making the story interesting by reading it animatedly.  
  2. Leafy Art- Collect leaves of different shapes and sizes and let the child paint them using water colours. You will love the mess and the outcome. 
  3. Fishing- Fill a container with water, (you may keep a towel underneath to ensure there are no accidents), put as many objects in the water and allow the child to fish using a net or a strainer.
  4. Printing- For this activity you will need blocks with different pictures embossed on them, they are readily available online or in stationary stores. Alternatively, you can also create your own blocks using items which have patterns embossed on them or simply making blocks out of vegetables such as ladies’ finger, onion etc. Dip the blocks in paint and allow your child to print them on a sheet of paper or an old cloth. Your child will be thrilled to see the effect the blocks have on the paper. You can make t-shirts or bags too.
  5. Stacking- You can grab simple vessels from your kitchen, such as bowls and let your child stack them one on top of the other. This will not only improve the child’s eye- hand coordination but also her imagination as you make stories together. 

So, happy Playing and Happy Parenting!