Little Aryans continue learning during Covid –19

Online learning, Digital Learning, Study from home and “the new normal” seem to be the buzzwords everywhere. These are not merely trends but a coping mechanism. We have adapted ourselves to the current situation and found out alternative ways to continue performing our duties. We continue to work, study, socialise and eat restaurant- style food but in the confinement of our homes. This is the new learning humankind has gained because of Covid-19. 

As the new academic session has officially begun, Little Aryans, the ideal preschool in AmbernathDombivali and Kalyan have also prepared their own Online Learning sessions. The teachers and academicians at Little Aryans are happy to get the opportunity to continue teaching their little students after a brief break. The Online Classes at Little Aryans will be an interactive, concept-based learning session with a good balance of activities and music and movement. The concepts will move from the familiar to new so that the children get time to cope with the novel experience. 

Role of parents- 

 It goes without saying that Parental support will be an important factor in determining the smooth- flow of the online classes. Right from ensuring that the child gets access to the right device to ensuring that the child is present in front of the class on time, the role of parents will be very important. 

The school will ensure that the right communication reaches the parents on time, so they get adequate time to get their resources together. Easy to use applications such as Microsoft Teams and Flipgrid will ensure that the classes run smoothly and will help capture and share pictures and videos of the activities. Our teachers have already spent a good number of hours on training for these apps.   

So now, as we brace ourselves for the new learning opportunity, here are a few things that parents need to remember- 

While it is natural for parents to feel excited about being present during the child’s class, please refrain from speaking to the child and explaining. Let the interaction be between the student and the teacher. Treat it like a normal class. 

Your child may also want to talk to you during class. Here’s a tip–you can say that you are also a student and are learning from the teacher. So, you both have to be quiet and listen to the teacher.   

Your child may also get distracted easily due to the presence of other family members at home, interference because of other devices and sounds. Try to keep distractions to the minimum. Preferably, join the session from a separate room, away from other members of the family. 

Making the child sit in front of the device will seem like a challenge at first. Do not force the child if he/she is not ready. Slowly, ease your child into this habit. 

Some children may enjoy the activities, some may like to watch the PPTs and others may love interacting with the teacher. Let the child learn at his or her own pace for a win-win situation. 

Let’s remember that we are all in this together and we must overcome the current challenges of the situation. Let’s work together as a team to ensure the best learning outcome for your child at Little Aryans.