Janmashthami with Little Aryans

Janmashthami, the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated with complete reverence in most parts of our country. This year Janmasthami was on 11th August and Little Aryans Pre- K, the ideal pre-school in Kalyan, Dombivali, and Ambernath, celebrated the occasion with immense enthusiasm. The fact that children are not attending school physically did not deter the celebrations, as Little Aryans celebrated a virtual Janmasthami. All the children dressed up as Gopis and Krishnas. They all looked radiant and overjoyed. As children are confined to their homes, this was a welcome break for them as it gave them an opportunity to dress up and engage in a fun-filled remote- learning session.

Little Aryans’ virtual Janmasthami celebrations- 

On the auspicious occasion, the children of Little Aryans Pre- K watched and listened to stories about the birth of Gopala. Children engaged in a butter-making activity. Children learnt that butter was the favourite food of Lord Krishna. Butter also represents our Karma and our Ego. This was explained to children in an easy to understand manner. Children recited a ‘Bhajan’, a hymn worshiping Lord Krishna. This made children aware of our rich culture. The tiny Gopis and Gopas also participated in some dance, which they thoroughly enjoyed. 

Importance of celebrating festivals- 

India is a country with diverse religions and a rich tradition. Children learn various aspects of our culture when festivals are celebrated in a meaningful way by involving them in fun-filled activities. Listening to stories helps instill pride and love for our rich heritage. These keep our traditions alive. Today, it is becoming more and more important to pass on knowledge about our traditions to the next generation as the West too has realized the wealth of information that Indians possess.  The diverse nature of the Little Aryans family allows us to celebrate many festivals and the idea of “All are One” is the core of all the celebrations. This is how children learn and grow at Little Aryans Pre- K.