Little Aryans – Explore, Express and Experiment.

Little Aryans- The Beginnings!

The Arya Global group has been in the field of education since 35 years, with our first school St. Mary’s in Kalyan and 2 CBSE board schools in Kalyan and Ambernath. However, we personally felt that we are missing out on the most important years of the children- those are the foundational years of a child, the first five years of the child. The years when the child’s intelligence is growing rapidly and learning ability is at its peak. It is these years of life which decide how independent the child gets and how confident they are about themselves, about their bodies and their capabilities. We decided to start our first Little Aryans centre in Kalyan in 2013 and today we stand at 6 centres.

Holistic Education through Play-

We do not aim to mould the child, we do not aim to change the basic nature of a child, but to see that they reach the best of their capabilities. We create a ‘home- away- from- home’ environment, where they are comfortable, they learn values and they gain confidence. Children get to learn about new concepts as a whole. When any concept is introduced to a child, they are exposed to it through all their senses, For Eg- If they are learning about Rainy season, they need to hear the sound of the rain, listen to songs related to rain, they need to feel the rain and feel the wetness on their palms, they need to learn to associate the rain to plants and greenery and animals and insects- this creates a complete experience for the child. In this way, the child’s ‘language’ develops through songs and names of animals etc, their ‘fine motor’ skills develop when they play with water and their social skills develop through nature walk or field trips.

Scholastics and Co- Scholastics-

We follow a ‘theme based learning’ for our Nursery children and ‘Centre based learning‘ for Jr and Sr. KGs. This essentially means that your child goes from the known to the unknown. Children already come with certain concepts as they come to school, we build on these concepts by various activities and experiences. Our annual Sports event -Khel Mela is one such experience, where children build their social skills, they speak on the stage, they display their gymnastics, they perform March past and traditional Indian sports, it’s a complete and a unique experience. Similarly, ‘stage fright’ is an unknown concept to children. They come with a natural flair to speak in front of an audience and it’s seamlessly introduced right from the beginning. You will be surprised to see how confidently children do the compering and give speeches at our Annual Day and other events.

Opportunities for the Child-

We have also introduced Abacus, which helps build early Mathematic skills. We have a Language and Math Centre, which hones children’s vocabulary and arithmetic skills through various fun activities. And all through this, we continuously review the child. We call it ‘Reviewing Joyful experiences’! So you see, the child is never judged. We feel each child is unique and come with their own strengths and weaknesses, our work is to provide them opportunities to blossom. And our teachers are extremely liberal in giving praise and appreciation to the children- because that’s how a child learns.

Parents’ involvement-

We would love the involvement of you parents in the school. We conduct various Parents Edurichment Programs which will be notified to you. These are held especially for parents on various

topics that will help you in parenting. As far as, school is concerned, we do not give inputs to parents on how to teach the child, they learn in a natural way and each child learns differently. There is no rote learning. This is the practise in most tuitions- rote learning. However, there is no ‘one size fits all’ learning here, as each child has different interests, has a different pace of learning. Each concept is made personal so that they understand faster. Hence, they are made to do various activities and we celebrate many events such as ‘Masti- Ki- Pathshala’ which is a Bagless week which will have Mud Play, sense booths, sleepovers, market day and many many more things. Hence, at Little Aryans, children explore, express and Experiment.

Nowadays, parents are very involved in their children’s learning. They are interested in what their child learns. Which is a good thing! The availability of content on the internet makes parents want to do more and more for their children. However, some of the activities may not be developmentally appropriate for the child and may cause more harm. So, please discuss with the teacher before such activity or leave it to us.

We appreciate the suggestions of parents and are happy to take them under consideration. Let’s join hands together in the quest for a Happy child, Happy Nation.