Little Aryans Healthy Eating Habits at School

Healthy eating habits will not only provide your child with nutritional benefits, but it will also help in the growth of your child’s concentration and academic performance. At Little Aryans, we believe in giving the best eating option which will aid your child to develop a healthy eating habit.

Little Aryans, a daycare service in Kalyan encourages students to eat fresh, healthy, and homemade food which includes a balanced diet essential to a child in his early years. The lunch list is carefully planned by the school. The student must follow based on what is mentioned. For the entire week, the children must bring the food based on the food list.

Our Snack time and routine are as follows:

Monday- On Monday, the students are allowed to bring any kind of sandwich and sprouts.

Tuesday- Sabudana Khichdi, Wada, Poha, Upma and Nuts for Tuesday lunch.

Wednesday- On Wednesday, the food plan includes Chapati & Bhaji and Salad.

Thursday- Idli/ Dosa/ Dhokla and Dry-fruits on Thursday.

Friday- On Friday the student can bring fruits that are not messy.

The purpose of maintaining the food chart is to promote healthy food. This systematic food approach will also help parents in deciding what is best for the child’s physical and mental health.

Little Aryans nursery school in Kalyan wishes to give students the best possible learning experience as well as an option to opt for a healthy eating choice.

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