Here are the Key Programs for Parents that you should know about

Parents’ Orientation

Little Aryans idea of involving parents in the educational program has always been a help in the child’s developmental progress. The need to understand a child’s requirement can only be done through exchange of communication with the child’s respective parents. We are one of the best play schools in Kalyan and we work towards fulfilling every student’s basic needs. For a better understanding of the student, an orientation program is held every first week of June for those parents whose child have taken an admission in Little Aryans Pre-K, one of the best play schools in Kalyan.

Such orientation program is an opportunity for parents to know all the necessary updates or what they should expect from the school. The orientation programme will help parents to have better ideas about the school curriculum or any upcoming activities for the year. Little Aryans, one of the best play schools in Kalyan keeps the parents updated with all the school system and other related topics which the parents can subsequently follow and be prepared with it. Experts like, Child Psychologists Pediatricians, and Educators are often invited in such session.

PTC / Special PTC / Open Day

A short conference between parents and teacher is conducted on one on one basis. During the PTC/Special PTC/ Open Day, the parents are made aware of the challenges that a child faces while learning. The open day session is held thrice a year or whenever required, all the issue faced by the students are discussed and reviewed during this session. Such interaction between the parents and teachers can help in giving the child a successful result.  During this session the child’s profile is shown to the parents, where the problems are discussed and sorted out.

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