Little Aryans- Our Philosophy: Chinmaya Vision Programme

Following the “Chinmaya Vision Programme (CVP)”, Little Aryans philosophy of education is to go beyond the textbook. Since the child is the focal point of this programme, we make sure that the teaching staff constantly motivates the students to participate in any given activities which can develop them emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Little Aryans, one of the best kids play schools in Kalyan, believes in giving the finest support to children and allow them to think independently. The philosophy of Chinmaya Vision Programme is to make sure that we incorporate Swami Chinmayananda’s teaching in our daily lives, in order to shape the lives of the little ones in a responsible and a beautiful manner.

According to Swamiji, “a teacher’s job is to set the student to think independently and give him/her the art of educating himself/herself.” CVP gives an ideal vision of life, how to look at and analyze things in the light of this vision, and live it.  Here, we are talking about a vision, which is not related to one’s individuality alone (as a teacher, student or parent) but as a complete human being.

At Little Aryans, play school for kids in Kalyan, we offer children a “Home Away from Home” environment. Children are encouraged to relax, settle down at the same time and learn while they play. Little Aryans, one of the best kids play schools in Kalyan keep cleanliness and hygiene as their top priority in the environment. Our mission is to provide the foundation for life, and our vision is to give joyful years of blooming and learning in the stimulating environment, suitable for children to move around freely and also give enough play areas and space to study.