Our Curriculum system in Little Aryans

School curriculums are considered as an important planners to help in organizing school’s activities as well as the educational development. A careful systematic curriculum can create and turn any educational system a positive learning environment. Keeping in mind the age- appropriate learning methods, the day of an Aryan at school is rich in experience, filled with joy and happiness.

The Curriculum at Little Aryans, which is known for its best Daycare services in Kalyan, ensures physical fitness, mental agility, learning skills and language as well as spiritual development. We encourage children to create, communicate, explore, interact, question, solve problems, think, reason, present, appreciate and have fun with one another. There is a Theme based Learning curriculum for playgroup and Nursery. Activities and games are integrated to provide holistic learning; physical fitness, mental agility, learning skills and language as well as spiritual development.

Our curriculum is based on Chinmaya Vison Program, it a value based program, this program gradually moves from 2 hours at playgroup level to 3 hours and 45 minutes at the Sr. KG level, the focus at Little Aryans Pre-K, which comes under the best Nursery school for kids in Kalyan, provide a joyful years of learning in an environment that is stimulating. The activities are planned as simple to complex, individual to group, concrete to abstract, keeping in mind the developmental milestones of the children. As one of the best nursery school for kids in Kalyan, little Aryans strive to provide the best learning environment.

Center-Based Learning- The Jr.KG and S.r KG curriculum has Centre Based Learning where the children indulge in active learning movement through different learning centers. They are:

  • Alpha center
  • Math center
  • Theme center and
  • Language Development Program (LDP) Centre.

Other important curriculums includes, healthy snack time, Innovative Teaching Techniques, Abacus and Vedic Math.