Little Aryan’s Summer Camp- A Fun Filled, Unique Program

Summers are here, and vacations will soon begin. It is the time to soak up the sun, have fun, enjoy long naps, gorge on ice-creams, travel, play with friends and much more. While summer vacations are a great time for kids as they get a chance to break from routine, it can be nerve-wracking for parents. Parents often complain about children whiling away too much time in front of the TV or mobiles, children getting bored and parents not getting enough time to do their own work. 

Don’t Fret- Little Aryans Summer Camp is Here! 

Our unique Theme- based Summer camp, which begins on 6th April till the 29th May 2020 will be held from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 12 pm. It will not only ensure to meaningfully occupy your child for a few hours daily but also take care to address their learning abilities, increase their exposure and unleash their creativity. 

The Summer Camp at Little Aryans touches upon all aspects of a child’s development. Therefore, there are activities which will  

  • Exercise their Cognitive abilities- By helping them learn new concepts, building their reasoning skills through games such as Treasure Hunt, Science Exploration, Readiness activities and other Theme-based activities. 
  • Provide Physical development- Through Outdoor Activities, Games, Music and Movement activities. 
  • Stimulate Creativity–through Art and Craft activities, Storytelling, 
  • and make their social skills stronger- Through Theme- based interactive games and much more. 

Therefore, it is a win-win program where children get to enjoy their vacations with their friends and exciting activities, and parents can be assured that their learning continues even during vacations. 

The Theme of the Year- 

Coming to the most awaited part of the program which all our parents are eager to know- The Theme for this year’s Summer Camp is “Continents and Oceans”. The Program will take your little ones on a joyride of the entire world during the duration of a month. They will take a tour and learn about the cultures, food, clothing, climate and customs of all the 7 Continents and 5 Oceans. 

Therefore, do not be surprised if your child tells you about the food habits of people in Africa or enlightens you about the customs of people in Antarctica. Let your children experience this exciting journey of the Continents and Oceans this Summer.  

What’s so special about this theme? 

Okay, so now you must wonder, why is it important to know about the Continents and the Oceans? Well, there are many reasons, namely- 

  • It gives an introduction to geography and different places in the world. 
  • It increases their curiosity and general knowledge 
  • It makes them realise the differences and similarities between our cultures and the cultures of people from across the world 

Besides, these benefits aren’t it amazing that your child can get the experience of visiting different places by merely going to one place? Ultimately, they realise “The world is so big and so amazing!”. Enroll your child for the Little Aryan’s Summer camp today and spread the word amongst parents of your child’s friends, even if they belong to other schools. Let your child spend a few productive hours of their vacations with friends. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation. 

-For more details about the Summer Camp contact us on 022 494 35575.