The Power of Prayer

Parental Involvement is one of the basic guiding facets in the philosophies of Little Aryans Pre- K. At the heart of the development of a child and providing a safe, secure and happy environment for our children lies the important contribution of the parents, especially the Mothers. Happy Mothers mean Happy Children and it is imperative that Mothers take care of their mental as well as physical health so that they are fit to provide gentle, consistent care to their little ones. 

Mother’s Meet – 2020 

An unusual and heart -warming program was arranged as a part of the annual Mother’s Meet event at Little Aryans Pre-K on the 8th Feb 2020. The Topic of this event was the ‘Power of Prayer’. It was an interactive session which saw a good turnout of parents. 

The Speakers for the Day were Swamini Nishkalananda, from Chinmaya Mission, Mrs Neelam Malik, Director AryaGlobal, Mrs Radhamani Satish Iyer, Principal, Arya Gurukul, Kalyan, Swamini Anaghananda, Acharya of Chhinmaya Mission. 

Importance of Prayer- 

Along with Mental Health and Emotional Health, another aspect of our lives that is crucial and often not given much thought to is our ‘Spiritual Health’. Without giving proper thought and attention to our spiritual side, a person cannot attain full happiness and might even feel psychologically drained out or ‘empty’. In this case, no amount of wealth or success can make a person feel better. 


The entire session was held in a way that participants touch upon all aspects of “What we know?”, “What we want to know?” and “What we learned?” It was found that although we know how Prayer can help us find answers to questions that bother us and that it helps us communicate with God, we often overlook the more subtle aspects of praying- How it helps us calm our minds and find peace. That we can change our negative thoughts to positive ones and can increase our concentration and how we can get inspiration to change our vision.  



It is a well -known fact that the effectiveness of a workshop increases when it is followed up with another activity. In this case, the Mothers were taken to Chinmayand Swami Ashram in Powai for another interactive session on the 16th February. During their visit, the participants got a better understanding of how life in a Chinmaya Mission Ashram is, including how they spend their time in prayer and chanting and practical ways of incorporating this is one’s daily lives. Little Aryans had arranged this ‘field trip’ for its mother’s where they had lunch with other learned Swaminis. It was an extension of what they had learnt so far. 


During the Mother’s Meet at Little Aryans Pre-K, many questions and discussions were held revolving around, the right time to pray, the benefits of praying, how to achieve closeness to God, the importance of meditation, meaning of rituals and many more. 

Many barriers were broken, many superstitions were clarified, and many wrong notions were answered. In the end, the participants realised that Praying is much more than sitting in front of an idol but also involves doing good deeds and thinking good thoughts. Such acts have an effect of changing a whole society and building a ‘Happy Nation’.