Online Vidyarambham at Little Aryans Pre- K. 

Little Aryans Pre- K, the ideal preschool for kids in Kalyan, Dombivali and Ambernath follows a unique and beautiful tradition each year, on the day of DasseraThe tradition of “Vidyarambham” or initiation to learning! This year too Little Aryans observed the ceremony Vidyarambham in the presence of a few students of Little Aryans on  25th October 2020 at the Arya Gurukul school premises. 

What does Vidyarambham mean? 

As per Hindu scriptures, a child between the age of 2- 5 years takes his or her first step into the world of learning. This learning includes the grasping of Languages, fine arts such as Music or Dance, the knowledge of numbers and several other skills. This time also coincides with the time a child starts going to school in the modern context. 

Therefore, observing a ritual called Vidyarambham initiates the lifelong process of learning by seeking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati or the Goddess of Knowledge. The ritual consists of several steps such as making a child write on sand, writing on grains of rice and inscribing the powerful Ganesh mantra on the child’s tongue with gold. Each step signifies a certain idea such as practice, mastery over knowledge and wealth or prosperity. Therefore, this ceremony signifies an initiation into the realm of knowledge-seeking and eventually into leading a worthwhile and successful life. 

Vidyarambham at Little Aryans  

Little Aryans Pre- K believes that knowledge of our scriptures and traditions is important to instil pride towards our nation and its rich culture. Following and conducting such traditions give a chance for the students to understand the importance of the schooling system. It gives them a feeling of oneness and unity when they learn about the important aspects of our scriptures.  

This year the ceremony of Vidyarambham was celebrated at Little Aryans while following the norms of social distancing. Although all students were not present at the school premises for the ceremony, the spirit of the ceremony was kept alive by streaming the ceremony live for children and parents to follow at home.  The event was streamed on Microsoft Teams, Facebook and YouTube.  

Parents sent their videos and pictures of their children observing the ritual from home. They felt overwhelmed to see this unique initiative by Little Aryans to go the extra step, even during these times, to conduct this beautiful and meaningful ceremony for their children. The sound of the Sanskrit chants invoking the Goddess Saraswati and Lord Ganesha resonated from everyone’s homes. Parents said that they feel truly blessed to have Little Aryans as their child’s Preschool.