Kids get creative during the lockdown

The lockdown imposed by the government due to the Coronavirus pandemic has forced the brilliant kids of Little Aryans Pre-K to stay indoors for over two weeks now. Although it is a great time for kids to enjoy their vacations, especially now that the whole family is together, it is a bit of a challenge for parents to keep them engaged 24×7. In normal circumstances, children would have gone for summer camps or other activity classes. This is also usually the time when families go on holidays together.  

Since all of the above are not an option anymore during the lockdown, kids and parents are turning to creative ways to spend time at home through activities that are productive and help children express themselves. The children of Little Aryans have outdone themselves by engaging in some very meaningful activities and exercises that nurture both their bodies and their minds, which is so important during this lockdown period. 

How Little Aryans is engaging parents and children- 

The parents of Little Aryans PreK have wonderfully done the hats of teachers at home for their kids during the Coronavirus lockdown period. The teachers at Little Aryans PreK are spending their time on research and creating a list of ideas with simple and effective home activities that are then shared with parentsLittle Aryans teachers have created a detailed lesson plan with a list of required material, procedure and also what benefits a child will receive from the activity. 

The parents build on these ideas and make their children undergo these activities and send their photos and videos to the teachers. These lockdown photos and videos are then shared on Little Aryans social networking sites for the world to see and appreciate.  

This is not only contributing to parental involvement in their children’s growth but is also increasing the bond between them. 

Activities that are keeping our Little Aryans busy during lockdown- 

It has been wonderful to see how the kids are being meaningfully engaged during the lockdown period. Some of them are- 

Best out of Waste artwork– We have received photos of kids making art from waste such as paper plates and cups. Some are giving an ode through their artwork to the community helpers who are working at these times of distress.  

Fun with Clay and colours– Beautiful clay art, artistic finger and palm paintings have been flooding our social networking sites, ensuring us that our children are being their creative best during the lockdown.  

Memory and Speech activities– On a more serious note, we have also received videos of children articulately explaining the Dos and Donts to follow during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Concept learning- We have also seen some students making the most of things readily available at home to learn new concepts and ideas. For example- Some have used spices from the kitchen to learn which parts of the country they are found in, thus getting a headstart in Geography. 

Music matters– Music can be a great stress buster and we have received some soulful videos where the whole family is involved in a song either by singing or playing an instrument. 

Path Forward 

Little Aryans Pre-K has also started with Online Classes once a week so that children and teachers can be in touch with each other for some time with the help of technology. 

While viewing the photos and videos of our little children of Little Aryans, the best pre-school in Mumbai, we can only appreciate the contribution of parents in bringing up positive, enthusiastic and well- mannered children.