Teaching Kindergarten Children to be Independent through Play-based Method

As kindergarten teachers, one of the most important things is to keep track and help a child understand how to do certain things on their own. But, as easy as it may sound, it is often a crucial role to help kids follow orders and instructions.

Kids should be made to do some of the tasks by themselves, as it helps them discover their abilities and boost their character. One of the best things teachers or parents can follow to make a child identify his/her duties can be done by allowing them to do things on their own. We are one of the best nursery schools in Dombivli, Mumbai and we believe in giving every kid the chance to showcase their ability.

Here are few of the steps one can follow to make children independent through various classroom method:

  • Encourage with compliments: It is not easy to convince a kindergarten kid to pick up their stuff once they are done playing or when told to wait for their turns etc., s/he may not follow your order instantly. However, kids are likely to pay heed and listen when they are encouraged or complimented after they finish a small task on their own. Boosting their confidence level is sure through such compliments.
  • Give them time: When a child is in the kindergarten age, s/he is in her/his learning phase, and they need time to pick up what they are taught. Do not push or pressurizer them to follow the task, give them enough time instead. Allowing them to follow duty at their conveniences will give them the courage to do one thing at a time.
  • Observe and correct- Mistakes are prone to happen to kids who are in their learning age. However, it is the guide’s responsibility to help them get through the mistake and lead them correctly. The best thing you can do is observe where the child is going wrong and fix a proper time to correct them accordingly.

As one of the best nursery schools in Dombivli, Mumbai Little Aryans allow kids to perform some of the tasks on their own which can help them improve their independent skills.  We instill confidence in a child through a stimulating and positive learning environment.