Improve Your Child’s fine Motor Skills with Fun Activities

As your child reach a certain stage, there are some activities which should be initiated to help build their fine motor skills. The term fine motor skills refer to the movement using the small muscles in hands and forearms. The more you pay attention to his/her movement, the more you will be able to find out their abilities and movement. At Little Aryans, which is one of the best kids play schools in Dombivli; we make sure that kids are given ample attention on what and how they use their movement to do classroom task. We offer them with activities which are suitable for them to communicate and improve their thought process.

Fine motor skills also help kids to perform other important tasks like reaching and grasping, using tools such as crayons, pencils and scissors and moving objects. When kids get better at using their hands, there is also an improvement on their hand-eye coordination. Some of the ideas that can help a child build his/her muscles needed for an improvement in fine motor skills are as follows:

Play dough- This is a fun activity which will allow your kids to develop his/her fine motor skills as well as grow their imaginative skills. You can ask them to create their favorite shape or toys using the play dough.

Tracing- Tracing is another great way to enhance your child’s motor skills and improve his/her creativity. The strength used while tracing will progress the muscle movement.

Writing Activity- Anything that has to do with writing is sure to improve the child’s motor skill. Allow them to scribble whatever they are willing to. It will give them the freedom to express and improve their thinking ability too.

We are one of the best kids play schools in Dombivli, and we make sure your child is given the best possible learning environment where they can communicate and show their expression through various fun activities that are sure to improve their fine motor skills and learning ability.