The Role of Parents in Little Aryans

Parent’s play a key role in a child’s learning system, and at Little Aryans, one of the best preschool for kids in Mumbai, we believes in building a supportive relationship with the parents. A child benefits when an adult is around to share and communicate with them. Thus, to keep up with the guidance and improve the quality of cognitive understanding, Little Aryans, one of the best preschools in Mumbai includes parents through various educational sessions.

Why Mothers’ Meet concept was adopted?

Mother’s Meet

To build a rapport between the parents and teacher, Mother’s Meet concept was adopted. According to research, it was shown that, programmes which teach mothers to improve the quality of cognitive stimulation and verbal interaction produce immediate effects on the child’s intellectual development.

Parents’ Orientation

Orientation programme for Parents is held in the first week of June. During this programme Parents are introduced to class teachers and staff members. School system, curriculum and other school related topics are discussed and explained to the Parents whose children have taken admission in Little Aryans Pre- K, one of the best Preschools for kids in Mumbai. At times, experts for e.g. Child Psychologists, Pediatricians, and Educators are also invited.

PTC / Special PTC / Open Day

A short conference between the parents and the teacher with one on one basis is held. The conference help the parents to know what is expected of the child and the teachers understands the challenge faced by the child during learning process. Any issues regarding the students are reviewed by the parent and the teacher which can help them find the solution to have a fruitful school year.  Open Day is usually held thrice in a year, where a child’s profit is shown to the parents.