Things you need to know about the learning areas at Little Aryans Pre-K

Children at Little Aryans pre- K are provided with progressive learning method, our school encourage a system where a series of sought-after books, worksheets and materials for activities have been custom-developed exclusively for children. We work on developing the child’s interest in learning by arousing curiosity through various activities that are engaging as well as effective. We are one of the best daycare services in Chembur and we have an array of learning activities which will bring an improvement towards the child’s cognitive skills.

Our school ensure core value of early childhood education which lies in ‘Child-Centeredness.’ In order to design an appropriate Pre-K education curriculum, Little Aryans, one of the best daycare services in Chembur have taken into consideration a child’s characteristic and developmental need through various learning areas.

  • Physical Fitness and Health- The foundation of a child’s growth is to have a strong physical fitness which can only be achieved if he/she practice body movement co-ordination that improves the sensory function. This movements can effectively develop his/her concentration, self-confidence, and observation ability.
  • Language- The primary importance of an early childhood age is the proficiency of the mother-tongue, thus we focus in this area by encouraging language learning by letting them listen to stories, sing nursery rhymes, and interact with peer groups.
  • Early mathematics- Our other focus of learning areas is the concept of math and other numerical activities such as counting, sequencing, sorting and comparing, learning to identify, size and shape etc. This will improve their cognitive ability and application of simple math.
  • Science and technology- Children are curious by nature so to make this a productive result we allow them to have fun in learning through exploration, observation, questioning, and verification, such activities will allow them to discover the importance of science.

Other areas of learning includes improving relationship with self and society and allowing children to express through art work.