The Salient Features of Little Aryans Pre-K

Little Aryans Pre- K believes in the idea of going beyond the textbook. We are constantly working to give the best educational system to every student of Little Aryans Pre- K, one of the best nursery schools in Kalyan.

Some of the Salient Features of Little Aryans are:

  • No Classroom Method– At Little Aryans, learning happens beyond the classroom walls. We do not follow the usual classroom method, but we make learning fun with activities.
  • More than 30 years of experience– Teaching staff at Little Aryans is well trained with some over 30 years of experience.
  • Unique Thematic Curriculum- Our curriculum is unique and we follow the thematic system.
  • Managed by qualified and renowned educationists- Little Aryans School is managed by qualified and renowned educationist. We believe in giving the best possible education system.
  • Use of Innovative Techniques The best way to learn is through usage of innovative techniques. We make sure that students are provided the best innovative facilities, even while learning any basic education.
  • Orientation Programmes for Parents Our Orientation program is for parents to come and discuss the child’s problem with the teacher. The problems are discussed and sorted during parents meet.
  • Mother’s Meet To understand a child better, it is important to understand them through the mother’s perceptive. Thus, mothers’ meet is organized to discuss with the respective teachers.
  • Child-friendly Stress-free Environment Our school is situated in a child-friendly, stress- free environment.
  • Learning based on Hands-on Experience- Little Aryans learning is based on hands-on experience.

Others features of Little Aryans include, learning at defined centers, an interactive board, no homework

Our vision is based on (CVP) Chinmaya Vision Programme (Value Based Education).

We have an Ideal teacher-child ratio and our curriculum is child centric provided for holistic learning.

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