Little Aryans Guideline for Parents

As a parent of a kindergarten student, one should understand what is expected of the child as a learner, and as the teacher of the school one should understand the challenges the child face while learning. Working as a team, parents and school should come together and help the child discover his/her interest and curiosity as a learner.  Little Aryans Pre- K, the best kids playgroup school in Dombivli offers parents the opportunity to be a part of  the school through programmes like Mother’s Meet, parents orientation, and PTC/ Special PTC/open day.

We encourage parents involvement and cooperation in school so that your child can have a smooth learning experience.  We are the best kids playgroup school in Dombivli, and we have some set of rules for parents so that they can follow and make use of it for an effective learning journey.

  • We expect parents to be supportive and reinforce the rules set by the school. Parents should attend parent-teacher meet, school function and any other school activities.
  • Parents or guardians are not expected to communicate with the students or teachers during school hours without the consent of the principal.
  • Our school does not encourage private tuition, parents are encouraged to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing disciple and taking general interest in the child’s progress.
  • Our school believes in following strong discipline and regular attendance.
  • Parents should keep a track on the events celebrated at school, and students must attend such functions like annual day, sports day, festival celebration, etc. and all other important celebration in school.

These are just few of the rules set by the school for the parents, and we believe their active contribution will make our learning journey easier. We trust in the strong support of the parent which will help us in transforming the child’s life into something beautiful.