Things to keep in mind as a Parent of Kindergarten Kids

The age of a kindergarten student is the stage where the involvement of a parent is highly encouraged by the school. It is the job of the teacher to look after the kids in the school with all the educational part, while parents do the same  at home. Children of this age are curious and they want to learn new things, thus an equal contribution is expected from the teachers as well as the parents.

The day at Little Aryans, one of the best nursery schools in Ambernath works towards the growth of your child, both mental and physical. Our system embodies the right balance between guidance and freedom for the child. The syllabus is carefully planned and is structured in a way where the child grows and learns naturally.

Some of the important things parents of kindergarten kids should take care of are;

  • Communicate- Talk to your child often, ask him/her to share his/her classroom experience with you
  • Encourage- This is a learning stage for your child so encourage him/her in whatever they do. Try to understand his/her needs.
  • Get Involved- When your child picks up an activity at home, try to take participate for a better bonding.

At Little Aryans, one of the best nursery schools in Ambernath, we strongly encourage parents to be supportive towards the school, so that a strong rapport is built between the teachers and parents for a joyful learning experience of your child.