Things you should know about the ‘Quality Policy’ at Little Aryans

At Little Aryans, our day is filled with fun and joy. Keeping in mind the age appropriate learning techniques, we follow a theme based learning – games, science, and math concept, based on familiar themes which children can closely relate to. Our school is one of the best nursery schools for kids in Chembur, and we encourage children to explore, create, communicate, interact, solve problems, and learn by questioning. Little Aryans classroom is different from any other conventional school, one will not find a blackboard, classroom system, regular benches, but rooms like discovery centers, AV room, open space, gardens, play areas, etc.

Here, the children explore through different play equipments like child-friendly toys, scientifically designed play equipments, learning materials, state-of-the-art technology, and library filled with all the latest books, magazines, and educational journals. We are one of the best nursery schools for kids in Chembur and we prepare children with essential life skills.

Quality Policies that our school follows are:

  • At Little Aryans, every student is valued, and a joyous learning environment is provided to kids.
  • We inculcate values of Indian culture through our Chinmaya Vision Programme.
  • We enhance a child’s learning environment through continuous support and guidance.
  • Suggestions and feedback is always invited from parents, in order to establish a strong relationship to support children’s learning.
  • We asses and monitor children’s progress through outcome and observation.

With these policies, we ensure the child’s learning journey gets strong support from the teachers and staff members. We constantly motivate children to become responsible as well as beautiful adults.